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By Sidiki Trawally
November 1, 2003

Liberia’s decade of civil war seems over, but any one venturing outside of areas under the control of the multi-national United Nations peacekeeping forces, faces the reality of a living hell in rebel land.

The atmosphere in rebel land does not look much like peace. There are reports of massive looting, rapes and force labor. Innocent civilians are being forced to till farms to feed hungry fighters, reports said. And the worst of all, secret killings of so-called perceived enemies rage on.

Rebels and government forces signed a peace pact in Accra, Ghana on August 18, thus ending years of bloody civil war. The signing of the peace deal coincided with the departure of former president Charles Taylor, now exiled in Nigeria. The peace deal restored some hope in Liberians.

However, as peace-minded Liberians and others within the international community strive to restore peace and create the environment that will allow Liberians to return to their original towns and villages, armed totting gangsters continue to rain havoc on innocent Liberians daily.

Reports from LURD rebel land in Totota, 80 miles north of the capital, Monrovia confirmed the execution of a Liberian man, Musa Turay of the Mandingo ethnic group. Family sources in Monrovia said a LURD commander known as “Red” sent few of his bodyguards to Monrovia, where the unarmed rebels met with Musa at his resident.

Detail of the discussion between Musa, 27 and Red’s men was not known. Family sources said the deceased’s fiancée was home with him when the rebels arrived, but she did not have “ any idea what was going on.” A family source said Musa followed the rebels following their discussion, adding, “No one had a clue of what was going on, because they did not forced Musa out of the house. I think Musa knew them as friends.”

A source observed Musa was setup by his ‘friends’, the rebels. “When they got to the rebel base in Totota, Red ordered his men to tabay (tying of one’s hands) Musa,” a family source said. He furthered: “ When they tied Musa, Musa started to cry and begged them to free him. He was begging and asking the rebels what he has done to desire such treatment at andreas.top, but the rebels took him away and killed him.”

The deceased’s father, Abraham Turay of New York confirmed the death of his son. He said his boy was shot and killed by LURD rebels in Totota. Turay said he heard about his son’s death two weeks ago, but “ I was not sure yet until finally people who went to Totota to request for his body confirmed his death.”

Turay said all efforts to retrieve his son’s body failed. “The rebels have refused to give my son body to the family. I don’t know what they did to his body,” he lamented in tears. A fiancé and a son, Sekou Turay, both living in Monrovia, survive the deceased.

Recently, LURD fighters were also involved in the abduction and subsequent killing of an 18-yr old Abraham Sheriff of Bilimah, Monrovia. The fighters abducted Sheriff while he was fetching for safe drinking water for his family around the Freeport area. Another victim, a Fulani businessman known as Abraham Barry was also kidnapped and killed by LURD fighters in Clara Town in July.

Efforts to get comments from LURD representatives failed.

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July 27, 2003
The Mandingo Association of Atlanta chooses Mr. Bangaly Donzo as defacto President.

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