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The Liberian Mandingoes Reconciliation Conference Charter Prepared by:

The Liberian Mandingoes Reconciliation Conference Charter Prepared by:
The Conference Committee
Revised Date:

Executive Summary

The Liberian Mandingoes Reconciliation Conference Committee’s vision is to promote unity, peace, foresight, selflessness, and discipline among Liberian Mandingoes and between Mandingoes and other Liberians; make the Mandingoes a better people and better citizens; and make Mandingoes so good as a people that no one will want to challenge them from a value standpoint.

The committee’s work involves a process that focuses on:

· Our history as a people

· The values that make us unique and dynamic

· Our pre and post Civil War experiences – politics

· Collect voices of stakeholders

· The way forward – Strategic Plans for Mandingoes in the new Liberia

· Developing measurable and achievable goals for our future


Having fled Liberia due to persecution and for other reasons, the Liberian Mandingoes now realize the following:

· They need to revisit their history before the civil war

· The need to evaluate their civil war experiences

· Evaluate the root cause of their differences

· Acknowledge the past, reconcile their differences, and work with other ethnic groups for true reconciliation in Liberia.

· Invest in education and their youth, and encourage service from them


The committee’s primary goal is to form a united front of Mandingoes with various social and political orientations by:

· Uniting Liberian them to cure the wounds that they now feel as a result of their experiences in Liberia.

· Improve relationships among Mandingoes by reducing or eliminating defects/animosities caused by opposing political ideologies.

· Build/Improve relationships with other Liberians based on mutual tolerance and acceptance

· Ultimately unite Liberian Mandingoes for a common cause and develop achievable goals for a shared future inside Liberia.

· Organize a council of arbitrators to mediate controversial issue affecting Mandingoes

The Reconciliation Conference’s Approach

Utilize cross-functional individuals to research specific areas affecting Mandingoes and present them to conference body at a two-day event that:

· Uses an open minded methodology to fix broken windows and improve relationships using the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control) methodology

· Develops a process to analyze new opportunities for Mandingoes in Liberia

· Utilizes historical and current data to isolate cause of some of our success and failures as a group in modern Liberia

· Encourages coaching support from experienced resources among us

· Develops a strategic plan for our future in the new Liberia

Structure of the Conference
Historical Presentations

· Revisit our history and bring us to the present

· Achievements and failures of our forbearers

· Forecast the future

The Civil War and its Impact on Mandingoes
· Discussions centered on the impact of the civil war (pros and cons) on us as a people and how to deal with future threats.

Reconciliation Forum will consist of:
· Delegates from various Mandingo organizations and sub-groupings

· A nine (9) member council to mediate all grievances

· Presentations by designated intellectuals, religious leaders, historians, and other groups

Reconciliation Dinner and Fund-raiser

· Socialize


The achievement of true reconciliation is dependent on the following:

· Knowledge of existing problems affecting us as a people.

· Clear definition of the new realities in Liberia and how to deal with them as a group

· Active participation and a strong support from all Mandingoes, especially elders, opinion leaders, and those in leadership positions

· Open mindedness to change

· Excellent leadership

Stakeholders List

· All Mandingoes from Liberia residing in North America and Europe

· Mandingoes from Liberia residing in Liberia and other nations in West Africa.

True reconciliation will:

· Position Liberian Mandingoes to deal with the new realities in Liberia

· Improve relationships amongst our members and build mutual respect regardless of ideological differences

· Reduce/eliminate ignorance about us as a people

· Encourage youth education and promote leadership and volunteerism

Controls Strategy

· A Mandingo federation is very important to safeguarding the Mandingo values and driving the progressive forecasting and attainment of measurable goals for our people and nation.

A yearly event is important to celebrate our successes in the new Liberia.

· Lack of massive support from the Mandingo community in the United States.

· No scientific data is available that support the theory of a division among Mandingoes at this time

· There is no technological constraints at this time

· Paying for the cost of the conference

· Conference Committee members are dispersed all over the United States


· The Mandingoes will become better equipped to deal with the new Liberia if genuine reconciliation is achieved

· A Mandingo federation to serve as an umbrella organization for Mandingoes will foster unity

· Data on the contributions of Mandingoes will become readily available

· Technology will take us to every country in which a Liberian Mandingo resides.

· A budget is required for a successful conference

· Resources (committee members) will devote 3-4 hours per week during next 30 days in order to make this conference a reality.


· Lack of stakeholders buy-in to the goals of the reconciliation conference

· Jump to short sighted solutions to appease major stakeholders and adversaries

· Fail to identify clear causes

· Dollars needed to implement conference not available and can’t be raised

· Committee members fail to execute a successful conference

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